Belros Carter

Gnome Ranger

(Male Gnome Ranger)
Also known as…
Belros the Ranger
Or Coach Carter

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Belros Carter was a young half elf who was raised by his Elven father (Orodreth Amandil) and trained in the art of archery to survive. He has no memory of his Human mother (Bitch face) who abandoned his family when he was just a boy and thus creating a distrust towards all humankind as he feels they do not care for life in the way elves do. Belros Carter has always looked up towards the elven lifestyle and culture but alas being a half-elf he became an adult long before he had time to learn the intricacies of elven art and culture, or elven grammar. His childhood friends grew distant as he became a man and they continued on with their schooling because this sort of relationship is frowned upon in today’s modern society. He left behind his childhood friends, becoming physically an adult but culturally still a child by elven standards.

After learning the ways of an archery conceded to live a life in seclusion amongst the abundance of animal and plant life within the Chondalwood forest. He spent many years alone in the forest gathering a deep understanding of what nature had to offer. In this life of solitude Belros Carter only ever hunted when he was hungry and stole from sleeping travelers to only leave behind a small footprint in the Chondalwood forests ecosystem.

One day Belros discovered an injured wolf which had been attacked by a group of bandits. Belros rescued the wolf and tracked the bandits to the edge of the forest near the old road and discovered the camp had been destroyed and the bandits had all been slayed. Upon further inspection of the bandits revealed them all to be human and missing their heads. An accumulation of blood, vomit and feces now resided upon their necks. Belros returned back to his camp to find the Wolf waiting for his return as he had been separated from his pack.

Belros named the wolf волк and cared for him like a brother. They learned to communicate with each other they began a new life of hunting together as great companions. Belros was content with his life in the Chondalwood forest but one day while hunting along the northern edge of the forest he observed a group of what looked like adventurers fighting an owl-bear. He continued to watch the owl-bear dominate the group and kill a human ranger before the rest of the party fled back to the coastal town of Arrabar. He looked down at волк and they decided they were better fit at the adventuring life than those wanna be adventurers. He took the dead human’s Armour and headed north over the Vilhon Reach and into Hlondeth. After resting in Hlondeth for a couple of days he ventured west until he reached the city of Ormath where he heard rumors of a small town to the north called Oakhurst in need of some help.

Belros made his way north to find Oakhurst but on the way волк chased a rabbit into the shining plains. Belros knew their paths would cross again and he continued into Oakhurst…

There is gnome or Mr. Nice guy

After 3 days it is said that our lord and savior would rise again but those who spoke the truth never imagined he would take the form of such a devastating creature.

Let it be gnome in all the land that Belros Carter has been reborn and has come back to “Fuck shit up!”

Peace out Gnomies

Now that his image has been altered Belros Carter fears that bonk will not recognize him in this smaller form and he will have to acquire a new companion. In his first dream as a gnome he envisioned a new companion would accompany him in the form of a dire bat who he will name Batto バット.



He’s a decent fellow. But I can’t help but think he thinks little of me.

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Belros Carter

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