Erky Timbers

Gnome Cleric


Erky Timbers was looking for his family when he was captured by the goblin bandits of The Sunless Citadel. He was released from a goblin prison within the depths of The Sunless Citadel after a year by a group of adventurers and he offered to aid the adventurers who free him but was kindly refused. Erky then adventured back to his homeland in the Western Heartlands (between Baldur’s Gate & Beregost) where he tends at The Friendly Arm Inn.
- dumbest shit that got locked up
- probably hates us

Belros Carter

“His last name is Timbers which is what you say when you cut down a tree. I like trees therefore goodbye Erky Timbers.


Gorash Garch

Marru Junglemire


Worships Garl Glittergold (Golden Potato)

Erky Timbers

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