Marru Junglemire

Wild Dwarf Druid


“Oi stinky jungle Dwarf, what’re ye doing in civilised places? Go back to where ye came from, we can’t breathe out here”


Marru Junglemire, a strong willed young Druid hailing from the eastern jungles of Chult.
Marru is stubborn and hard to read and has low level social skills and doesn’t understand the need for politeness or the concept of manners. He detests machinations and man made aesthetics.

He became the leader of his tribe at an early stage in his life by settling the war between his Dwarven tribesmen and the Goblins terrorising the area. The tribes of Chult hold their spell crafters in high regard, but they often fight amongst themselves for power of the Tribe’s leadership.
Often Marru noticed that children were hiding their talents, and oft left the tribe for fear of revealing their threatening nature. Marru hated seeing this, having to say goodbye to potentially great members of his group.
Marru led his tribe for many years, teaching the young how to survive in the treacherous areas of the jungle. ‘The most dangerous place in the world’ Those were the rumours they heard about their home. But Marru didn’t seem to think so. There was cover wherever he went and animals to use to his advantage in signs of trouble.

His most trusted companion, Denzel, a jet black viper with a calm demeanour, but deadly skill. Born out of an egg nestled in Marru’s beard, Denzel has the ability to strike the life out of a foe’s body.
Although just a common size for a viper in Chult, Marru loved him as a brother, as his calculating brain seemed far beyond his capacity, and the connection they have formed and their subtle ways of communicating have saved both their lives many a time.

But gave up his title in order to explore the world and the Druidical mysteries outside of Chult. The fights between Tribes were becoming vicious and illogical. He appointed a younger friend, a sorcerer with the ability to channel the power of the Peaks of Flame, Felix Fire-Strong, a strange talent for a Wild Dwarf, but powerful in his wise and deliberate hands. Marru knew that we would be the best chance his Tribe would have for peace.

He is now looking for the Circle of the Moon. A Druid Circle known for their high level of enlightenment and vast knowledge of the world.

After trekking eastward out of Chult, Marru faced his largest challenge, travelling to the north of the world, to the forests and away from the protection of his homeland.

Marru found the openness unnerving. There was no place to hide and barely any growth to manipulate. He felt naked, even through his layers of hair. He began to travel along what people called roads, an efficient but popular way of transport. He didn’t like that, too exposed for his liking. Often he would see strange glances and hear insulting words that would come his way. These shaven mole rats that these humans had chosen to be didn’t bother him, but he sure did bother them. He knew that they despised him, but he did not care.
Denzel had caused a panic in the desert towns of Lapaliiya and they decided that he should take cover on Marru’s person. Which suited them both fine. Less suspicious looks drew less attention and less attention lowered the amount of times Denzel had to jump out at people faces. The thieves and bandits had no idea what they were getting themselves into.
The further north Marru went, the more determined he became. The concept of money confused him. He didn’t understand why rocks with very little use could be used to trade for things people desperately needed. He helped where he could along the way, providing fresh water and purifying spoiled food. People that didn’t mind his smell were thankful, but most times he went thankless. He earned some gold on the side by helping farmers with stubborn animals, which allowed them to purchase a pony that quickened their mission.

In a small town called Oakhurst, he was told about the first really interesting thing since home, and he just had to investigate….

Belros Carter


I find him fascinating. I’ve only heard about Druids until now.

Gorash Garch

Marru Junglemire

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