Killoren Spellthief


(Male Killoren Spellthief)


Razarldin was brought up in The Shaar, where a small village of Killoren folk live. Early in Razarldin’s life he realised his potential of sorcery, but he also hated the boundaries that being a Sorcerer encumbered. Instead of learning his spells, he decided he’d learn to take them from others. This didn’t go well with a lot of his people due to most of the ones who used magic were Druids and Wizards. However, he always looked up to them, because they were so powerful and patient. Being a Spellthief led Razarldin to often do his own thing which usually meant sneaking around so the others wouldn’t hassle him and living on his own. He had lost his immediate family as a child.

In the middle of his youth, there had been a great sickness that plagued his village. Many of his people had died, a young girl also lost her family so Razarldin took it upon his duty to look after her. He knew what it was like to not have any family. However, she too developed the sickness soon after. With half of the village already gone, Razarldin tried his best to find a cure. Getting all the Druids in town to heal her, he ventured out to find anything that could help her. For the first time in his life his skills were of use, no other Druid could go out and learn a new spell so quickly and soon they began to respect him as a Sorcerer. However, every time he came back with spells and various kinds of ingredients they would never work.

He would often tell her stories of his adventures which seemed to make the pain briefly go away. This led her to want to become an adventurer and that they could venture around the world once she was cured. Believing she would be cured.

Two years had passed and Razarldin had taken her in as if she was his own daughter. On entering her tenth year of life, there was a ceremony, and as all Killoren do on their tenth year she chose her name declaring her maturity. In honor of Razarldin she named herself Mizmeraldin, taking his family name. Soon after the sickness went away, but at the cost of having little to no strength in her body, leaving her bed-ridden. Unlike most sicknesses, this sickness had left her body unhealable. Many Druids from their village and a few across the realm could not heal her, leaving her destined to live the rest of her life in bed.

Unable to become the great adventurer that she wanted to become, she had asked Razarldin to venture off without her and to tell her all the stories of his adventures and perhaps one day there would be a cure for her. Razarldin had promised her that he would write back to her as often as possible and that perhaps he would find a cure along his travels.

Razarldin had heard great things of a huge city called Baldur’s Gate so he grabbed his things and ventured off into the unknown…


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