Male Human Sorcerer


A Sorcerer destined to become a Dragon, with the help of his best friend and familiar, Lith.

Thainn Spell List


Thainn was raised by a family of Rats under a Dragons Lair in The Bloodstone Lands between, but closer to, the Eastern side of Vaasa and Damara. How he got there and who his biological parents are unknown nor an interest to Thainn.

Even though he was brought up by Rats, he managed to learn how to survive through stealing what was necessary and even though he lived in dirty conditions, he always kept himself clean. He also studied, learned, and began worshiping Dragons as his Idols/ Deities. The Dragons Lair that he lived under was home to Copper Dragon sisters, Ilnzhara and Tazmikella, who taught him many things such as; being friendly to others and to also have a sense of humour.

At a very young age he realised his destiny was to become a Dragon, so he could live amongst and look after his ‘family’ and friends forever. He began practicing his Sorcery with the slightly aided help of the Sisters. They made him work for his knowledge.

Most days were spent studying and hanging with his closest friend Lith, a childhood friend who is a rat. They would often find and collect shiny trinkets and eat cheese in their spare time. Thainn had promised himself that no matter what, he would put his life on the line if anything were to happen to her. As long as he became the great Sorcerer and Dragon he envisioned, they could be side by side forever.

On Thainn’s sixteenth birthday, he decided it was time to venture out into the world. That studying would only teach him so much and that being out in the real world would be the ultimate test.
Not long into his travels he learned that people aren’t ones to trust so easily, he learned it the hard way. He overheard what seemed to be a Damsel in distress, as he came to aid her he realised it was a trap and was flanked by two sides. He lost his right eye from an arrow and got slashed by a dagger across his face. He managed to escape within an inch of his life by casting Acid Splash on one of the flankers face and tripped the other with Mage Hand by the laces.

After he escaped he passed out and awoke in a small cottage with a lady that was tending his wounds. Her son found him in the woods and brought him back. She brought him back to full health and he repaid her by teaching her son to read. During this course he began to understand humans more and began to actually love them. He had always felt a disconnection due to his upbringing and how his hometown folk looked down on him. He stayed there for a year, but he knew he couldn’t loose track of his goals. So one day he up and left, saying goodbye for what he knew would be forever.

As he traveled throughout Faerun his skills in reading and making maps had tripled, he had all that running around the Labyrinths in the Sisters lair as a child to thank for that.

Another year had passed and he stumbled upon a town called Oakhurst…

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