Alchemist in Baldur's Gate


Friendly chap up for a good chat!

Poisons and Oils
Small Centipede – injury 1d2 dex 90g
Black Adder Venom – injury 1d6 con (1d6 con) 120g
Drow Poison – injury unconsciousness 1d3 hours 75g
Id Moss – ingested 1d4 int (2d6 int) 125g
Arsenic – ingested 1 con (1d8 con) 120g
Oil of Taggit – ingested (unconsciousness) 90g
Bloodroot – injury (1d4con + 1d3 wis) 100g
Green Blood Oil – injury 1 con (1d2 con) 100g
Blue Whinnis – injury 1 con (unconsciousness) 120g

Smoke Sticks – 18g
Alchemist’s Fire 20g



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