Current Quests

The Great Wizard Devran = unknown

Carved with runes on the stalagmite. “Give me strength to stand when weak. Give me strength to run when tired. Give me strength to laugh when sad. Give me strength to stay when frightened. Give me strength to lay down my sword when the fighting is done.”

Entrance to lower levels of Barakus “Open thy mind and bring with thee thy hearts truest and kind”

Room near the King and Queen statues, small furniture strewn about, with graffiti on the walls in a language that we could not understand.
Found 2 Antitoxin vials and fought a Wright, an undead beast that was formed from a giant.
Book in cot room
Section 1: Illegible
Section 2: Stay in this room with the baby and don’t leave until someone says the secret password. She’s only to leave the room if someone comes to the room knocks and says ‘He who shall not die has been slain’. I’ve been here for days. My supplies are running out and I’m hearing constant screaming and it won’t stop and I cannot sleep.
After a month I haven’t eaten. I hear banging on the walls, but no one speaks. Infernal banging!

Room with the ghost, has a large blue gem, that weeps when you touch it. The walls bled when we cracked open the chest.
Room with broken tablets with magical runes on them, we scribed the runes and hope to unscramble them later.

Large Egg: Big iron slab, like a doorway. In the middle of the door, was a small square indentation.

Dragon door in labyrinth

Demise of the Halfling race due to ‘shortness’ of breath.
Straw mat, stained with blood.

Technical illustrations of technical machines. Letters and guidelines are quite vague.
I think that these are notes for a mind control machine.

Fram – Orc, made a statue out of junk names Orkus. He can’t leave it. He says crazy people and Drow are around him.

8 Armed Goddess – Kringa
Ancient god of temptation.
Embedded in each palm is a pearl

Thruba, the ogre on level three, with the three orcs
He is a Vampire hunter with Kabal
Says the Klar the Vampire is nearby, “past the doggies”

Note in Klar’s Room
Nice envelope
Hall of Power: Sword shaped depression, long inscription “Take that which is not there, follow the warm way. Say thee the prayer and the sword is yours”

Stone tablet behind Orc hall reads: “Pass now if thou art a guardian strong, keeper of the sword, warrior fearless. For he who waits fears nothing and knows only death. Pass now if thou speakest the word that all men wish to know. “

Outer wall is inscribed with a tale of a great wizard Devran who thrived among Barakasites for 50 years until there was a great falling out and he became the one who does not die. According to the wall tablet for this heinous crime he was imprisoned deep within barakus. The key to his prison was hidden beneath three island. Each island has a high priest. Given to a champion is they were ever to be chosen.

“Fear not” – Gate on the third floor, where we found the vampire.

Arch after the darkness: “Leave ye now if ye not know the way”

“Pass now if thou art a guardian strong Pass now if thou art a keeper of the sword Pass now if thou art a warrior fearless For he who waits fears nothing and knows only death Pass now if though speakest the word that all men wish to know”
Tells the tale of a great wizard named devran who thrive among baracus until there was a falling out until he became the one who does not die.
He was imprisoned deep within barrucus
The key was hidden beneath three islands and a key given to 3 high priestess
And if a champion would ever be chosen they would be given the keys.

Missing Noble Boy = 500gp

Noland Banks heard noises coming from the polanti house
he is resisting telling us any information.

(check out the polanti house)

100 year old Journal = unknown

Dated 100 years prior to today. Details a band or adventurers in baulders gate.
The first dozen or so pages are just rough maps and beer prices.
They then describe a trip into baracus.
There is a room(huge goblin fight room.) where a sword is to be placed in grove that fits.
The Notebook: Dated approximately 100 years prior, it details the
journeys of a band of adventurers based in Baulders Gate. The first dozen or so
pages contain nothing but gripes about fellow party members, beer prices,
and rough maps of the forests and nearby hills. Eventually the author
describes a trip into some nearby caves, and of discovering an entrance
to “some strange, ancient, underground complex.” The author goes on to
describe combats with ogres and orcs and of the discovery of:
“a curious room. It appears, unlike all the other chambers
in this sprawl, to be meant for some kind of powerful ritual.
Something, it would seem, involving a sword.”
The final entry, on the last page of the book, reads as follows:
“We shall store our heavier and less valuable items here in
this convenient vault and retrieve them at some later date (with
Camus the bard now dead we have no use for his fine wand).
Will go back to this place and attempt to discern the meaning
of that room and of those pillars and orbs. Most curious. Most
curious indeed. Would love to find the sword that matches that
indentation in the floor.”

Man with the Iron face = Loot we find

Vaux is looking for the man with the Iron face who destroyed his home and killed his family.
He found a band of mercenary ( band of the moon) led by Rodrick who is also seeking the man with the iron face. Vaux is now a member of the band and will be heading out with the band in 2 weeks.

Aliccydes missing lover = _Free healing at the church of Selanis _

Aliccyde is looking for his lost lover lead us to a chuch (church of selanis) along the docks of baulders gate to speak to father Beamus Kane. He told us homeless people are being taken in by the church of jambore ( gold of death, magic and knowledge) and not being seen again.
talked to guy who escaped from the church who said people went missing and the priests said they were going somewhere better but he didnt believe that.

Find Fenton Barmey = 50gp

Find Fenton in the lost city of Baracus. is missing, but still alive, sorcerer (6ft, thinning blonde hair)
Caves north of town, missing for months, Duskmoon Hills in search of treasure
Map – Must return for Chazmer’s body, or at least his equipment.
He was a valuable mage, but so was his staff.

Duskmoon Hills Orcs = unknown

Orcs ar bothreing people living near baracus in the duskmoon hills

Completed Quests

Sunless citadel
MineSweeper = 10% of profits + anything we find in the cave

a nearby cave needs to be cleared to make way for a mine.
given by sir sivlestein
infested by grimlocks
signed contract

Ghosts Vampire Problem = Hidden Treasures

unable to cross running water afraid of garlic mirrors. how to kill cover it in running water. stake through the heart if removed the vampire returns. holy wafers stuck into mouth after decapitation. or destroy the body enough so it cant come back. vampires are smart and is currently living in exile on the 3rd level or baracus. Killed Klar the vampire and found note detailing more were coming to live in Baracus. Returned to Gilda and she led us to hidden treasure


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